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About Us

Raam Exports

Raam Exports heavily emphasize the value of fair supply and we are the huge suppliers of Coconut, Tender Coconut, and Coconut Copra which are processed and supplied by the leading companies in industry. We work diligently to ensure that all our customers receive the highest degree of satisfaction. With much experience in the industry, we are remarkable in finding customers for our products and finding products for our customers and we make sure that we are worth connecting with!

‘Why, yes! We value the value of customers’

We process the items that we offer in accordance with the industry’s rules and requirements. A longer shelf life, superior quality, and great nutritional contentmake these items highly popular with our clients.Product quality is ensured by adhering to worldwide standards of hygiene.

‘Raam Exports ensures good quality of products and the purity is not compromised’

Client Contentment – satisfaction in and around

We make compromise-free quality and fairness is unquestionably present in this situation.

Our Goal

In account of our procedure, we try to keep in mind the influence we have on the environment at all times. Our goal is to become the region’s center of excellence for coconut research,
development, and transfer.

Our Mission

To improve the supply of coconut and profitability by generating knowledge and technology via excellence in research. These goals are the main ideologies of our company.

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand our customers and pin our location worldwide, which will yield a multi-dimensional value in a long run.

Raam Exports always make sure of supplying organic and fresh coconuts from their roots to the end product. We want our company to grow with loyalty and always serving our standard outcome. May it be on terms of quality or freshness of the coconuts we will never let you down.

‘Quality compromisation is never a second thought’

The appealing aspect – pivoting deeper deeds

Aside from this, we have assembled a team of quality analysts who thoroughly test the goods on well-defined parameters and ensure that they retain their original flavor, aroma, freshness, and purity for an extended length of time. We offer natural and fresh coconuts and exports. Raam Exports offers high-quality products and excellent customer service to its customers.

Raam Exports has developed a reputation for exceeding expectations and continuously providing high-quality products over many years of development and innovation. Our top goal is customer happiness, and we’ve steadily expanded the number of coconuts we supplyeach year. Our experienced management staff can handle any project, no matter how big or little.

What we effectuate?

This makes us to achieve a cut above the rest goal: Supplying FRESH coconuts worldwide


Raam Exports bottles up a well defined team of network that gains the mastery over every deep aspect in this supply process. Howbeit, we focus on the sustainability of supply process in both socio-economic and environmental levels

Team of Experts

Our team of experts carries the process properly and they are much transparent and ethical in the import and export processes. The things that we give a ‘shout out’ is that we are allocated with worldwide requirements and we choose the coconuts to be supplied according to the timezones.